Self Pleasure Food : Chocolate

Self Pleasure Chocolate : Creamy Dark Chocolate

Dairy free. Gluten free. Nut free. Soy free. Low sugar. Vegan friendly.  

Our signature 'Self Pleasure Chocolate' is a 70% cacao, 'Creamy Dark Chocolate', made with certified organic ingredients. 

Small batches, hand made fresh, in St Helens, East Coast, Tasmania. 

You'll find it's flavour and texture to be rustic, earthy and unrefined, but also creamy and delicious! This ain't no fine Belgian style chocolate - Self Pleasure Chocolate is in a class of it's own, prioritising health AND taste, in equal measures!

Quality organic ingredients, nutrient dense and high in magnesium as well as plenty of other vitamins minerals and wide spectrum micronutrients, trace minerals and healthy fats.  It also specifically does NOT contain the usual inflamatory ingredients, which cause issues for many, with standard chocolates (hello, dairy free!). 

This chocolate is specifically designed to be a healthy part of you and your families life, NOT a guilty treat.  It's flavour has been tested and crafted over many years, to suit families who are wanting to transition away from "junk food" to healthy enriching alternatives.  See more advice below on this transition, if the concept interests you! 

Self Pleasure Food's 'Creamy Dark Chocolate' is creamier than most 70%'s, due to it's higher proportion of cacao butter, plus a dash of nutrient dense organic coconut cream (it does not taste coconutty though 😉)

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Our signature 'Creamy Dark Chocolate' contains:

  • Organic cacao butter (47%)
  • Organic cacao powder (23%)
  • Organic coconut cream
  • Organic coconut sugar
  • Organic molasses
  • Organic vanilla bean paste
  • Natural celtic sea salt.

.. and nothing else.  

It's important to us to choose the most unrefined and untreated ingredients we can get our hands on.  We want as close to nature as feasible, to retain a wide array of nutrients and micronutrients, as nature intended.  

Unrefined Coconut Sugar (Certified organic)

Low sugar, is key for a healthy family - and specifically unrefined sugars.  We choose coconut sugar, for it's retained nutrients, unlike overly processed sugars commonly used in the big chocolate brands.    

Molasses (Certified organic)

SUPER rich in broad spectrum micronutrients, and a great source of magnesium.  

Celtic sea salt

Natural celtic sea salt specifically harvested via methods that retain maximum nutrients and micronutrients.  

Organic Coconut Cream

Healthy fats, chosen for it's naturally delicious and creamy taste, as well as it's awesome nutrient content.  No dairy based inflamation!

Transition to healthier options

My chocolate making journey began when I was pregnant with my second daughter, and looking for ways to increase my magnesium intake via food.  While my signature 'Creamy Dark Chocolate' bar, is not the same recipe (this original recipe was VERY bitter, much stronger and not at all creamy), this chocolate bar is a more widely palatable version, created via those same health based values.  

Over my journey, of raising a young family, I learned a lot about transitioning from mainstream chocolate to healthier options, and how to observe and trust your body and your children's bodies' wisdom.

... More advice to come on this, at a later date ...

If you are interested in integrating our signature Creamy Dark Chocolate as a regular part of your families diet, we offer bulk packs where you can purchase for significantly cheaper prices per bar.  Or, share a bulk pack with friends, to get a better deal!


Want to know why the name 'Self Pleasure Food'? Check out our story for why this resonates with our ethos.