Shipping Information

Flat rate shipping & admin fee - $11.11 (to Australia only)

Some products and artworks are handmade in Australia, by Conscious Rainbow, and shipped directly from us (products labelled 'Conscious Rainbow, Handmade in Australia').  Other products we ship directly from our wholesalers to you (products labelled 'Approved International Wholesaler'.  (See our About Us page, for furture goals beyond this!) This means that if you order multiple products, you *may* end up with multiple packages coming from different locations. 

To keep things simple, we've decided to charge a flat rate shipping and admin fee of $11.11, only for the first item in your order, and all other items in the same order, we will ship for free.  This flat rate is available for shipping within Australia only.  See information below, on international shipping.    

Free shipping on $100+ orders (to Australia only)

If your order is $100 or more in total, we'll waive all shipping and admin fees! Free shipping, available within Australia only, for now.

International shipping

We are currently offering limited international shipping to Aotearoa / New Zealand, Canada, and the USA at this time, on products and artworks that are 'Handmade in Australia, by Conscious Rainbow'. 

As our customer requirements grow, we intend to offer shipping of these products to other international countries also.  If you are interested in purchasing and shipping a product or artwork handmade by Conscious Rainbow, to a country outside of Aotearoa, Canada, the USA or Australia, please contact us to request a custom international shipping quote, BEFORE you purchase.  If you accept this quote, we will manually setup our website to ship to your country, so you can continue with your purchase online.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

Unfortunately, at this time, we will not be offering international shipping on products shipping directly from an 'Approved International Wholesaler'.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding.  

Multiple packages per order

We will be shipping products that are not locally made, directly from our wholesalers to you.  (See our About Us page, for furture goals beyond this!) This means that if you order multiple products, you *may* end up with multiple packages coming from different locations.  If the products you ordered all happen to come from the same manufacturer, then you will receive them in the same parcel.  

Shipping times

'Approved International Wholesaler' shipping times (within Australia)

Shipping times vary, for products that are shipped directly from our wholesalers.  (See our About Us page, for furture goals beyond this!) Please note, this means that you may receive your shipment over more than one parcel.  We have chosen only to work with wholesalers and manufacturers who have proven reasonable shipping times to Australia.  Please let us know, if more than 60 days have passed, and you still have not received all of your purchases.  

Please be aware that further delays may happen currently, due to Covid-19.  

'Conscious Rainbow, Handmade in Australia' shipping times (within Australia and limited International countries)

Handmade items shipped from within Australia, will be shipped via Australia Post - regular or express mail for domestic shipping, and registered or express for international shipping.  Due to the nature of our travelling business on wheels, we may be shipping from a major city, or we may be shipping from a remote location (this does not affect your shipping costs).  If you would like to know exactly where we are, to get an accurate delivery time estimate from the Australia Post website, then please contact us to ask where we will be shipping from.