The Billionaire Artist

'The Billionaire Artist' Est 2020, logo ~ Conscious Rainbow

ART... SEX... MONEY... and PSYCHIC intuition... All still taboo topics for many of us.. and it's time for those old programs to be rewired, so that we can return to our truthful alignment as living beings..

'The Billionaire Artist' project is a quantum paradigm shifting project, intended to flip deeply ingrained societal perspective on it's head.. 

It is a 100% psychically driven project, that asks no permission, and follows only one rule.  If you're guided to do the thing, then... do. the. thing.  Whether it makes "logical" sense to you or not. 

Because "logic" can be an excuse to keep us small and in our comfort zone.. Magick and quantum leaps don't happen in the logic zone.. That stuff happens when you "just have a feeling", that you can't explain.. and you follow it.. 

This project is a journey of up-levelling and quantum leaping your trust, in your own inner knowing.. It both witnesses and takes an active part, in realigning our universe, our planet, our culture, our human, back to its' true authentic state.. A universal realignment.. 

This project is about my becoming 'The Billionaire Artist', while shifting perspectives of what it means to be psychic, to be an artist, to be a sovereign "power with" soul worker, to be at ease with abundant money energy flow, and to be an ethical entrepreneurial billionaire.  

If these are perspective shifts that you would like to bring into your own life, then please, follow along. 

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