Colour Frequency Alignment 'Mini Reading' (Wisdom from YOUR own Energetic Field) - Emailed brief written description of the current colour/s asking to be amplified in your energy field

Colour Frequency Alignment 'Mini Reading' (Wisdom from YOUR own Energetic Field) - Emailed brief written description of the current colour/s asking to be amplified in your energy field

Conscious Rainbow

  • $22.00

This listing is for a personalised written 'mini reading' of your energy field, that will be emailed to you, once completed.  

If you would like a custom original painting of your energy field, then please visit the CUSTOM Intuitive Energetic Timestamp Portrait to purchase, or read more.  


Colour frequency alignment reading

I will:

.. Tune into your energy field (your aura), and tell you the prominent colours in your field asking to be amplified, as well as any messages that come through with them..

You can let me know if there's a particular area that you are wanting to bring alignment to, or I can just tune in generally - Up to you!

You will:

.. Work with these colours over the coming days / week / month, by aligning with their frequency..


How to work with colour frequencies

Consciously and subconsciously tuning into colour frequencies help you to become more aware of their effects on your energy field, and therefore help you to align with your own authentic truth, in those specific areas of your life.  Similarly to the chakra system, each colour, represents a different area of your life.  

You can tune into colour frequencies by:

  • Wearing clothes in those colours
  • Sitting with or wearing crystals of those colours
  • Meditating with, visualising or thinking about those colours
  • Going to and "being" in places that feature those colours
  • .. Any way you feel drawn to connect with them really!! You will feel called to the best ways for you.  


You will receive

  • A personalised written description of the colour/s, correlating life area/s, and a brief message from your spirit team, regarding the colour/s that currently wish to be amplified in your energy field.   
  • Your mini reading will be approx between 100 - 500 words, received via email.  Length is dependent on how much detail your guides choose to give. 🙂
  • If you have further questions, feel free to ask for any clarifications.  If so, you can expect up to one or two brief "back and forth" email replies, however please understand that further depth or exploration with me, will incur additional costs (with your consent!).  Feel free to ask if you'd like to continue explorations via conversation, or more in depth art work creation and interpretation, of your energy field.  🖤⚡


Others Have Said..

"Thank you Cherie!! I resonate with these colours.  I haven't worn them together but I feel like experimenting with these together.  I already work with blue as I do vocal toning and will work on integrating with the heart more.  💙💚💙 ... [In reference to further discussing colours of her new logo design] ... Will keep playing with it. Your reading came at a great time for me to dig deeper. Thank you! 💙"
~ Cecilia

"Cherie thank you for this. That really resonates, as that has been my journey for the past year or so (or, really, much longer, but intentionally a year) and is ramping up now, especially given the work I am doing in my business, helping mothers heal and find value in their stories and sharing them. Purple is also my favourite colour 💜 I will sit with this and feel into how I can turn up the intensity, as you say 🙏😊"
~ Romina

"Thank you so much. I am sitting here wearing all purple ATM, with a green cardigan, so I am interested to try out your practices in 'feeling' and shifting perspectives with this colour.  I have definitely dimmed the light lately and am working with shifting my perception s and healing old programs.  This resonates a lot and I am really grateful that you gave me your time and it has helped. 💚💜🤍💜🖤💜"
~ Kim

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