'Birth' Collaborative Book Series

Birth: Stories of Legacy, Lineage and New Paradigm Leadership (Volume 3)

Birth (Volume 3) - Buy now on AmazonThe 'Birth' series is a multi-author book series written by inspriing entrepreneurs, who are the forefront of changing global consciousness.  These beautiful humans are changing the way the world sees business, and how we approach life in general!

Birth Volume 1For me personally, reading Birth Volume 1 (in January 2020), changed the trajectory of my life.  There were SO many amazingly inspiring stories in it! But one in particular, introduced me to young woman named Ari Kala.  I was intrigued by her and her genuine energies, but she also triggered the fuck outta me! She was not only openly stating she was psychic, but she also dressed and presented herself as uniquely and openly witchy, AND was claiming to make big bucks from her psychic consulting work.  And I knew, she wasn't bullshitting.  

Why did this trigger me? Because I knew *I* was psychic too! But *I* was doing everything I could to hide it, tip toe around it, and certainly not flaunt it in my business, because who's going to believe me?! But clearly, people were believing her.  "Who does this woman think she is?!", I thought.  

I began following Ari's work online, and it cracked me open in ways I can't describe.  I already knew that stepping into my truth was very important - I'd been working at it for many years - but she wasn't taking baby steps, she was catapulting her progress across the universe, and openly and honestly telling everyone the details and the struggles of her journey, along the way! Seeing her, allowed me to give myself permission, to do the same.  

In July 2020, Ari unexpectedly passed away.  Her community was understandably, heart broken - shocked and devastated.  Ari began connecting with many of us, from the other side of the veil.  Now she was a spirit guide for us all - continuing to inspire and motivate us to step courageously into our truths. 

Her death, lit a fire in my belly.  Stepping into my truth, wholey and completely, became number one priority.  It was my purpose.  My reason for existing.  To follow the calling of me, and MY journey.  No more minimising - embracing my "weird".  Around this time, I was given an opportunity to become an author in the Birth series.  I knew I had to take it, but I also wasn't ready yet.  

Birth Volume 2 (out September 2020), included a chapter by Ari's fiance Trevor, on his incredible personal life learnings so far.  I met with Trevor and continued to work with him via Psych-K, on finding and uncovering the voice to my truth.  

Finally, by Birth Volume 3, I was ready.  The writing process catapulted me into the depths of self journey and I pieced together puzzle pieces, that now seemed so obvious! "New" information, that I simultaneously knew had been my truth, for my entire life.  The threads had always been there, in hindsight.  

My chapter in this latest 'Birth' Volume 3, is about the rebirth of me.  Birth of a Conscious Rainbow.  And oh what an interesting journey it has turned out to be!! 😂

Birth (Volume 3) - Buy now on Amazon

Birth: Stories of Legacy, Lineage and New Paradigm Leadership (Volume 3)

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