Self Pleasure Food : Our Story

Meet the founder

Cherie : Self Pleasure Food founder Hi, I'm Cherie! The founder of, based in St Helens, East Coast Tasmania, Australia.  I am a dreadlocked, nomadic, psychic, autistic, artistic, polyamorous and panpsychistic Mum - so as you can probably tell, I think a little bit differently to many!

I'm super passionate about adults and kids alike, learning to become radically self responsible for their own health. (Emotional, mental, physical and spritual health!) AND I really love eating tasty food! Growing up, my Mum was (and is) a fantastic cook and loved to bake and make all kinds of sweets - and that wasn't a snacking habit that I was interested in giving up.  So, over the years, I went about figuring out how to make healthy, more nutritionally dense versions of my favourite things, but that ACTUALLY STILL TASTED GOOD! (I'm not talking your usual commercial "diet food").  

My food journey has been widely varied and ever evolving, and has moved through MANY phases so far.  Each phase has allowed me to tune deeper into my body, to hone my own truth regarding what I considered healthy, and why.  I am a huge advocate of gut health, and eating nutrients as close to their natural form as possible, and in combinations that allows them to actually be absorbed by the body.  Over my years of research I have been made VERY aware of how much advertising can skew and manipulate us into thinking we are getting the vitamins and nutrients we need, but not mentioning that it has been included in forms that are not bioavailable to our cells, and often even harmfully detrimental to our health.  

Our Signature 'Self Pleasure Chocolate'

My signature 'Self Pleasure Chocolate' began it's creation during my magnesium learning phase, when I was pregnant with my second child, eventually evolving into the organic nutrient dense Creamy Dark Chocolate bar we love today.  You can read more detail about that story on our Self Pleasure Chocolate product information page.  

Why the name Self Pleasure Food?

As a global collective, I believe we have in recent decades slowly normalised disconnection.  Disconnection from our universe, from our soul, and definitely from our bodies.  We have been so conditioned to trust the "authority" outside of us, that we've learned repeatedly since a young age to ignore and override the messages that our body lovingly repeatedly sends us.  Our culture has normalised over working ourselves, supressing and "soldiering on", when our bodies scream for rejuvination. 

Life is means to be pleasureable.  The sensation of pleasure literally exists, as a way for our bodies to indicate to us, whether are heading in the right direction or the wrong direction for our health.  But we have hijacked that system by feeding it addictive and harmful chemicals, additives, thoughts and other various toxicities.  We've even created a culture of shaming pleasure of all kinds.  So we have literally forgotten as a species, how to feel our TRUE pleasure! 

Food is meant to taste good, without lashing of sugar and additives.  Vegetables are meant to be nutrient dense and grown in lush thriving networks of soil ecology.  We have normalised bland, chemical laden fruit vegetables and other ingredients, and have forgotten what real food should be like!