Your CUSTOM 'Intuitive Energetic Timestamp Portrait' - Original Watercolour Painting, A5 or A4

Conscious Rainbow, Handmade in Australia

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IMPORTANT: Please read this entire page carefully, as well as accompanying links, before purchasing.  If you have any questions, I encourage you to contact me before purchase :) Refunds will not be provided after payment has been made, on the basis of misunderstanding what you will receive.


A snapshot portrait of your energy field, as intuitively perceived by me (Cherie, from Conscious Rainbow).  This can be the energy field of an individual, or a collective energy.  

You can choose to have a real time portrait, where I tune into now, or you can pick a point in time, that you wish your energy to be read from. i.e. at a significant event in this life (or another life, if you wish!).

All things have energy fields, as we all are made up of energy. Humans, animals, plants and trees, rocks, everything! It's that "presence" that you feel when you're around something, like a big old ancient tree.  Some may refer to it as an aura. Some think of it as their intuition or a "gut feeling".  We all feel it at times, but not everyone knows what it looks like.

Energy fields are continuously flowing, and ever changing. This artwork will be my stylised interpretation of a snapshot in time - the colours, and shapes that I see in your chosen field of energy.


You will receive

  • 1 x 14.8cm by 21cm / A5 or A$ original art work (unframed), representative of your chosen energy field timestamp, as I perceive it.
  • A write up OR video message of any messages, and interpretations I received while viewing your energy field.  This may include (but is not limited to) information about my understanding and interpretation of the meanings behind some of the shapes / colours / symbols within your field at your chosen timestamp.  

It will likely be created in water colour, possibly with some other mixed medium incorporated (but maybe not). I will advise if I am being drawn to use a main medium other than water colour paint.  

Please feel free to reply to your interpretation email, with any further messages you felt or perceived, in viewing your artwork.  Sometimes riffing back and forth with me, can provide you with a much deeper understanding of the messages or lessons you are intended to receive.  


Timestamp ideas

Individual family and loved ones:

  • Your current energy, or current energy of a loved one (be it human, animal, or plant!)
  • The current energy of your unborn child, baby or child (whether with us, or passed)
  • A celebration of whole life, energetic representation of a loved one (whether living, or passed)
  • Your energy at its highest possible potential (your best self!)

Event based:

  • Your energy, as it was, at YOUR birth, or the energy of a loved on at the time of their birth
  • Your energy (as a parent), at the birth of your child (past, present or future)
  • Your energy, as it was, on your wedding day (past, present or future)
  • Your energy field whilst doing something you love to do (art, cooking, playing music etc)

Group and community based:

  • The collective energy field of your family, or group of close friends
  • A visual collective energy representation of your workplace (especially supportive for those working on culture building, to hang in a central location)
  • The collective energy of your community, town, or city
  • Your collective energy as it is, once your highest group / community / global goals, have been achieved

The possibilities are endless.  Feel free to suggest any other ideas you have! :)


Important notes

  • Your custom artwork is subject to copyright, as detailed below.  For personal use only.  © Copyright 2020 Conscious Rainbow. 
  • Your portrait will be received unframed.
  • This is NOT a portrait of your person/s (your physical body), it is a stylised interpretive portrait of your souls energy field, and the colours and shapes that I perceive within it.
  • This portrait is created custom for you, based on YOUR energy. Your painting will not necessarily look like any of the examples. These are just here as sample reference.
  • Portraits are painted in 'landscape' format, unless otherwise discussed, prior to painting.  Please advise, if you are after 'portrait' format instead.  I will advise you, if I'm being guided to paint in 'portrait' format, and will confirm with you first, before commencing painting.  
  • I reserve the right to not continue with your painting, if after tuning into your energy, my intuition tells me not to proceed. In this event, your payment will be refunded in full.  (This is unlikely, and has never happened before!)
  • Energy readings can be done remotely, so there is no need to be near me, for your portrait.
  • If you would like to keep the details of your portrait subject, or timestamp private, this is perfectly fine.  You can tell me as much or as little detail as you like.  I can explain the details of this further, if you have questions. :)
  • Please allow up to 6 weeks, after all details are confirmed, for me to complete the painting. I will endeavor to get it completed sooner when possible. Shipping times will vary dependent on your location. 
  • I generally will take on up to 2 portraits at a time.  I reserve the right to change this number at any time when required.  If 2 portraits are already in progress, once purchased, you will be put on the wait list, for your portrait to begin after one has been completed.  Check the top of this listing, for how many immediate start spots are available.  


Copyright Information: This original artwork is for personal use only. It may be hung in a personal residence, or at a business premises.  Sharing, replication and commercial use are not permitted. If you wish to replicate, or use for commercial purposes, please contact me about purchasing an additional license for commercial use. © Copyright 2020 Conscious Rainbow.

Additionally, imagery and photography in this shop listing may not be used or shared without explicit credit, and linking back to Conscious Rainbow, or The Billionaire Artist. © Copyright 2020 Conscious Rainbow.

International Shipping: This item can also be shipped to Aotearoa / New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. (See more shipping information). If you would like to purchase and ship your energetic portrait to another location (outside of Australia, Aotearoa, Canada, and the USA), please contact me BEFORE purchase , for a custom international shipping quote. If you accept this quote, I will manually setup our website to ship to your location, so you can continue your purchase online.


Recommendations for framing and hanging

Professional framing is recommended.  However, if you are looking for guidance, tips on framing it yourself, or details on hanging, please see framing and hanging information at


How do I create your portrait?

Read the 'Intuitive Energetic Timestamp Portrait' blog post, for more details on the process.  




© Copyright 2020 Conscious Rainbow.

See copyright information above, for details of copyright on purchased artwork, and copyright on imagery used in this listing.

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