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The custom 'Intuitive Energetic Timestamp Portrait' referred to in this post, can be purchased via the Conscious Rainbow online shop.  


What is an energetic field?

Everyone, and everything, has an energetic field, as we ALL, are made up of energy. Humans, animals, plants, trees, rocks, literally everything! Our physical bodies are energy, on a molecular level, but there is also a field of energy that exists outside of our physical being.

There are different ways to "see" or sense energy fields, known as the "clairs". Clairvoyance, means "clear vision" (as in, seeing visually with your eyes, or in your mind's eye), but there are other ways of sensing such as "clear knowing" (claircognizance), "clear hearing" (clairaudient), "clear feeling" (clairsentient), and even "clear tasting" (clairgustance)! I'm also aware of "clear smelling" (clairscent), "clear touching" (clairtangency) and "clear emotion" (clairempathy), but there are probably other's I'm not aware of.

EVERY being has the ability to sense energy, beyond what we can physically see or touch, but many "lose their ability" as they grow, because modern cultures tend to either be afraid, or dismissive of such a possibility. Very often people learn to suppress their senses, in order to be accepted or "taken seriously" by their culture or community. It is a form of self protection, which unfortunately if often necessary.

Having said that, we are currently living in a VERY interesting time, where science has actually caught up, and has provided proof of many previously dismissed phenomenon. If you're willing to jump down the rabbit hole, you will be endlessly fascinated! And probably somewhat challenged, in your previous belief systems. ❤️ (Quantum physics, or quantum mechanics are some keywords to search if you're looking to continue researching this!)

Even so, every human has experiences of "just knowing", or having a gut feeling about something, that there feels is no logical explanation for. This is your intuition. This is your energy field, communicating with the energy fields of every thing around you. We cannot exist, without being affected by the energies around us. It may sound a bit woo woo, but really, it's just the scientific way of the world. ;) (Well, of the universe, and beyond, really!)


How I learned to see energetic fields

I've always seen dancing beautiful colours, when I closed my eyes. Though, for the majority of my life, I had myself convinced that they were nothing but optical light illusions, that could be explained away by science. I certainly didn't connect them to be anything spiritual or of the energetic realms.

The funny thing was, I always WISHED I could see people's auras. And I remember being fascinated by, I think it was Mozart (or Beethoven maybe?), being able to see the dancing colours of musical compositions, floating all around him, as he listened. He didn't realise until further into his life, that not everyone could see this with him! I occasionally would practice sitting in the dark, looking at my hand, to see if I could see the glow around it (rather impatiently, I might add!). I never could see it, but I really wanted to!

It wasn't until after the birth of my first daughter in my early 30's, a turning point in my spiritual awakening, that I started connecting the dots. I noticed after doing certain things (like yoga), I would see a pulsing ultra violet light, in the centre of my vision, when my eyes were closed. Eventually, after a chain of many events, I realised that the colours I was seeing, matched the chakra colours, and would appear when feelings associated with each chakra arose. I've since disconnected myself from the concept of chakras, but the relevance and meaning of the colours used within the chakra system still are appropriate in my experience.

So it turns out that I had been able to see auras (or energetic fields) all along! They just weren't appearing in the way I expected them to! So who knows? Maybe YOU can see energy fields too! Maybe you just haven't figured out what you're individual viewing method is :)

As a side note, I tend not to call them auras now though, because I feel others may expect their portrait to be superimposed over their physical body, as you would see in an aura text book. However, this is not how I perceive them. So I prefer not to use the term 'aura' for my portraits.

And in case you are wondering - yes, once you figure out your individual viewing method, then "practicing" regularly, DOES increase the intensity of your "vision" (whether that is via clairvoyance [clear vision], or any of the other clairs).  But trust me, impatience will not bring it on faster! :) So be gentle with yourself, and acknowledge and celebrate the baby steps.  It will happen just as it's meant to, in divine timing. ❤️


Your custom energetic portrait

Here's what I do, once you have purchased a custom original energetic timestamp portrait.

  1. First, we need to confirm who (or what) the energetic portrait will be of, and at what timestamp. There's an infinite number of options here! So feel free to discuss any ideas you have, or let me know your thoughts if you're struggling to pick one. I can help you decide :)

    If your timestamp is associated with a certain event, you can choose to give me as much or as little detail of the event as you like. Photos, descriptions, anything you like, is fine. Or if you'd prefer to keep it private, that's not a problem either. Just set the intention clearly in your mind for what timestamp you would like, and that is what will come through to me. Let me know once you have done this. 

    Please note: Allow up to 4 weeks after this point for your painting to be completed, and popped in the post. Shipping times vary. I will do my best to finish painting sooner if required, but this cannot be guaranteed without confirming with me first. 

    Let's start!

  2. I begin by sitting quietly, slowing my breathing, and consciously dissipating other thoughts and mind chatter. 

    I close my eyes and think of my subject and their chosen timestamp, to ask permission to see their energy field at this time. It's clear if I do not have spiritual permission, as if so, I will only see black, or get some other sort of clear message that stops me from continuing. I'll always wait around and look further though, as sometimes I've found certain energy fields to contain a lot of black or blank space. Sometimes the black refers to a "black night of the soul" (or depression) that the subject is experiencing, but not always.  

    Please note: In the event that I don't have spiritual permission to proceed, I will let you know, and give you the option of either a refund, or to pick another subject / timestamp. This is a rare occurrence though. Most are quite open to having their energy read. :)

  3. Next I take my pencil and paper, and start sketching out what I see, roughly. I tend to do this in graphite pencil, and write the names of the colours of each section, on my sketch. I'll also often note down which lines appear strong and clear, and which lines are fuzzy or blurry. I'll ask for clarification on any further details I need, switching between opening my eyes to sketch, and closing my eyes to see the energy field. 

    Here's is an example, of one of these sketches:
    Initial Sketch - Conscious Rainbow Intuitive Energetic Timestamp Portrait

  4. Now we're up to the colourful bit! I recreate what I've seen, on my watercolour paper. Usually I work one colour at a time, filling it in, like a paint by numbers :) Then I'll come back to it as many times as required, to add the appropriate detail, balance it out, and complete any finishing touches. This is the most time consuming part of the portrait. Painting times can vary greatly, depending on how detailed the image is that comes through. I've seen sparse slow moving sweeping energy fields, and I've seen super detailed complex fast moving ones. This is why I allow up to 4 weeks for painting time. 

    An example of work in progress, as more layers are added:

    Painting in progress, layers - Conscious Rainbow


I'm fascinated! Tell me more about energy fields

Constant change

When I'm tuning in, to do my initial sketch, I find that the closer I look, the more colours and shapes usually appear.  Even though, initially, there sometimes is very few colours or shapes present.  It's like, first I get the overview, then the detail comes.  Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get a cohesive initial sketch, because your energy field is always moving and transforming.  It can be sometimes be quite quick, so I may need to pick which "frame" seems like the most important information, to decide on which part to snapshot.  I can ask to keep revisiting that frame, and effectively zoom in and out and around, in order to gather all the detail I need for the initial sketch.  

Your energy field is not fixated on any one thing.  It really is a constant hive of activity.  I have found this to be a pretty powerful mettaphor for life in general.  Your energy field does not struggle to exist, and you don't need to either.  Your energy field is simply a reflection of your current thoughts and beliefs, as is everything else around you, that has been attracted to your energy field.  You really do have the ability to change anything you wish, in quantum time.  


For me, the most amazing and interesting aspect of the energy field, is the colours.  They are just SO beautiful and ever changing! It's sort of like watching a fire, as the flames twist and turn and lick the oxygen out of the air.  It's fascinating to watch.  

As I mentioned previously, I have recently disconnected myself from the system of chakras (for various reasons), however I do find the colour feelings and representations within the chakra system to be still appropriate.  There's another life lesson there, for you - Keep the bits that resonate with you now, and don't cling on to the parts that aren't serving you.)

Each colour is representative of different areas or aspects of your life.  I intend to write a book one day, exploring the meanings of different colours.  And for the record, in my experience, the same or similar meanings can be applied to different numbers (numerology!), different shapes, and even different body parts (from a medical perspective).  They all correlate! The universe really is communicating with you in so many different ways, that you may never have even noticed before!

When it comes to colour meanings, it's not always clear cut.  There are many overlaps and blurry lines, just as there are with colours.  You can mix different proportions of yellow paint and blue paint together to make green, but if you mix only a tiny speck of blue to a big blob of yellow, you would still call it yellow.  You can keep adding one tiny speck of blue at a time, but at what point do you now define it as "green"? There is no unequivocal answer.  Every person will have a different perception. 

Perception is affected even further, depending on what other colours or light intensities are catching the person's attention (which other energies they are interacting with).  If you walk into a brightly lit room with walls painted red, the light bouncing off those walls is going to affect how you perceive the colour of your yellow t-shirt, for example.  If you walked into a dark room painted deep blue, wearing the same yellow shirt, the colour of your shirt would be perceived very differently.  Energies are ALWAYS working together, and affecting one another.  

Although, of course you are free to search for colour meanings according to others' opinions, I do STRONGLY suggest that you feel into colour meanings for yourself, first.  In hindsight, the most intensely powerful discoveries I have made, have followed a similar journey.  Something like this...

I have allowed myself to explore something freely, within my own thoughts, (or sometimes I have tried to search other's opinions of it first, but the universe has blocked that, by not allowing me to find any! Thank you universe!) Eventually, over time, I come to my own conclusion or "aha" realisation.  This light bulb moment swims around in my consciousness for a time, while I integrate it.  At some point (often months or years later), I come across large groups of people who have independently come to the same conclusion as me, and have now found themselves together, sharing about said topic. 

I don't know if you've ever experienced this, but I just can't quite emphasize how hugely validating and powerful it is, to sink into that truth.  To know that (seemingly) completely unrelated people, came to the exact same conclusions.  The power of energetic communication is strong! We are ALL constantly communicating with collective consciousness / collective energies.  What we think, really DOES have an impact.  And the more you begin to understand that, the more you can harness it consciously, instead of just accidentally stumbling into it every so often (like we all do at times!).  There are NO coincidences ;) 

Shapes, stripes, symbols and pictures

Most often, I come across energy fields that are made up of different kinds of coloured blobs or shapes, and especially at the moment, many seem to contain different coloured stripes, either straight, or wavy. Often the speed and way in which the stripes move can give me a sense of the vibrational frequency, or the different emotions being experienced by the subject.

Purple and green stripes are a common occurrence at the moment, which makes sense! Because to me, these represent full embodied transformation (or healing), of the mind, body and soul. And there certainly is a whole lot of big transformations and deep realignment and healing going on right now, for a lot of people! What interesting times we are living in.

In the past (a few years ago), I experienced a similar phenomenon, where I would very often see purple and green stripes energies. At the time, I thought I would be "stuck" seeing purple and green stripes forever, but looking back, I can see that was a major period of awakening and healing for me, and I was also attracting a lot of people into my life going through a similar thing. So the purple green stripes was a phase, that did pass. And looks like it has returned again!

This energetic painting, below on the left (currently in progress, unfinished!), represents an image I have seen similar versions of in many energetic fields recently. It often starts with wavy purple and green stripes, wriggling along, that then get intersected with another set of wriggling purple and green stripes, and then another set. It all happens quite quickly, but there is a brief fleeting moment where the three sets of stripes intersect to form triangular or similar shapes, that look a bit like the texture of the fine lines on the skin on the back of your hand, below pictured right. I tried to represent that fleeting moment, in this painting.

Sometimes symbols also appear in my vision, particularly when a certain message needs to be conveyed. I have on a few occasions though, seen extremely detailed symbols or pictures that scribble and squirm their way through the energy field, covering my entire viewing space!

The 'Law of Attraction'

My understanding is that I will often attract the energy fields that are either on a similar journey to mine (to help me feel supported in my journey), OR ones that represent and highlight elements that I would benefit from drawing my attention to in my own life. Like a sign post energetic message, guiding me where to look next. Everybody, is supported by a similar law of attraction.  Where your thoughts go, energy flows. 

For this reason, I believe that not everyone will see or perceive similar energies to me. At any given time, humans are exposed to 4 million pieces of information, but apparently we only perceive about 7, on average, at a time. It makes sense that we would all choose different things to perceive, and have different preferences in our perceptions.

I believe that there is literally an infinite number of possible ways that an energy field can look. And I am excited to see what others kinds of energy depictions there are, that I'm yet to experience!


How do you feel about your energetic portrait?

When you receive your portrait, and look at it for the first time, you may love it, and feel instantly connected with the shapes and colours in it. You may feel indifferent, or "nothing" towards it. OR you may feel annoyed, or a sense of disjoint towards an element, a colour, or a combination of colours.

However you feel, this is absolutely perfect..

Your portrait is here, to bring you messages, about your current life journey.  There is a reason why you were drawn to have your portrait done right now.  Or if you were gifted a portrait, there was a reason for that, too! Whatever messages you receive, is EXACTLY what will help guide you further along your journey, to finding more alignment with your true authentic self.  

If you love and resonate with every part of your portrait, then great! Sit with that. Enjoy it, and bathe in that feeling as often as you can! Your portrait can be a fantastic prompt to remind yourself to stop and have a "pleasure pause" (as my friend Cat Kerle would put it! Do check out Cat's Instagram for pleasure prompts, and, for her offerings).  As humans, we are MEANT to feel pleasure.  That feeling is a signal, that you are in alignment with your true authentic self.  You are on the right path, and you are supported! 

If you're feeling indifferent, or "meh" towards your portrait, think about what that feeling reminds you of.  Where else in your life do you, or have you felt like this? Sit with this feeling, and take note of any memories or flashbacks that come to you.  Don't dismiss any thoughts that come up, no matter how random or "irrelevant" they may seem. There is no such thing as coincidence :)

If you feel annoyed, or frustrated at an element or colour within your painting, this can be symbolic as to an area of your life that is asking for your attention.  Again, sit with this feeling, and see what comes up for you.  Think about where else you have seen this colour, shape, or colour combination, and how you reacted to it, then.  Notice any synchronicities, in other parts of your life.  Once you figure out the significance, and work your way through the associated feelings, you will be surprised how differently you will see this element, in your portrait.  Another metaphor for life. ❤️

Uncomfortable or unenjoyable emotions, that have not been processed or moved through, will continue to present themselves over and over again.  You can try all you like to ignore, or push the feelings down, but universe knows when you're avoiding.  It will gently (or sometimes not so gently!) keep reminding you, and bringing up situations that remind you of those feelings.  It wants you to move through these feelings.  It is inviting you to remove the charge.  To have the feeling validated and heard, so you can move forward without them blocking your progress any further.  

Sometimes when it comes to feeling emotions, it can be useful to shift gears, and think from an entirely different perspective.  One such shift that very often works for me, is to consider the actual colour itself (or combination of colours) of the element that is bringing up the strong feelings for you.  This is relevant whether it is a "positive" feeling or a so called "negative" one.  In reality, ALL feelings are there simply to bring you a message, to highlight something that wants your attention.  So there really is no "good" or "bad" ones. 

Sit, and think about the colour/s that bring up the feelings for you.  Imagine it, in whatever way you like.  It doesn't matter if you can't visualise it in your minds eye, just thinking of it provides the same energy.  How do you feel about this colour? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? What does it mean to you? What does it represent? Where have you seen it before? Don't worry if you can't answer every question.  It's fine to skip whichever ones don't resonate, and add any other enquiries that come to mind! This mindset shift, to think of the colour, rather than the feeling, can often for me be a fantastic way to provoke different memories and associations, to help you fully experience, and move through the feelings in your body.  Trust what comes up for you.  Try it out.  Does this method feel good for you?

There's MUCH more I could share regarding personal examples of working through colour associations like this, however I think this is enough as a starting point, to get you thinking.  Maybe a blog for another day :) 

There are so many different ways to work energetically with feelings.  Some you may feel entirely comfortable experiencing on your own.  Others you may feel you need additional support with.  Follow where your intuition leads you, and go down the path that feels right for you.  If meditating is something you enjoy, it can be useful to meditate (or just sit and day dream), while staring into your energetic portrait.  It's ok if you lose focus, and go blurry, lost in thought.  Go with it.  If you enjoy it, make it a regular practice! Don't make yourself wrong, or tell yourself you are "wasting time".  You most certainly are not.  

You are not alone.  Feeling our feelings, is actually really difficult for SO many people in today's world.  Most of us, literally have uncomfortable feelings that we first felt as a baby or a child, that we have not yet moved through.  Things that are still affecting our adult lives and decisions.  If this is something that calls you to explore further, please do.  I promise, you will feel MUCH greater alignment with your soul, if you learn to practice really feeling your feelings!

Of course, you always have choice.  You are a sovereign being.  It is ALWAYS your choice, whether you wish to go there, when feelings come up, or not.  If it doesn't feel right, or you don't feel ready, that's ok.  It's NEVER too late, to do the work.  The effects on your life can be drastic, so it really is worth taking the time eventually.  But if you choose not to, there will always be another chance to try again later.  Universe is persistent like that. ;)

Be gentle on yourself.  Trust in divine timing.  You are on the right path, no matter how far along, or behind, you feel.  You are worthy.  You are enough, just as you are. ❤️


I want to see energy fields too!

As you can see, there's much more to your energetic portrait, than just an abstract piece of art.  

Does any of this resonate with you? Are colours an important and significant part of your life? Have you ever seen or sensed energy fields, like this, yourself? Or would you like to? I'd love to hear your experiences, either way! 

If you're interested in painting, or perceiving energy fields, and have questions, please comment on my Instagram! Or contact me directly..

I'm considering a few ideas for future workshops or even online classes, so I'd love to know if you would be interested in doing something like this!

As I mentioned above, I also intend to write a book one day, on interpreting and exploring colours, and how they relate to numbers (numerology), as a form of energetic communication.  I find it can be helpful to explore the relationship between the two, and how they relate to working through your own feelings and life experiences.  Is this something that you would be interested in reading? I'd love to hear from you

To get your hands on your own custom 'Intuitive Energetic Timestamp Portrait', or to buy one as a unique gift for a friend or loved one, please visit our online shop to purchase.  

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