About Us

Hi! I'm Cherie.  I'm a mother of two girls (5 and 2), and *fiercely* passionate about unraveling, and learning to be, who the "real me" is.  Turns out, at 36, I'm not who I thought I was going to be.. AND everything I always wanted to be, apparently is not what I want anymore! [I know many of you get that feeling too].  It's been a wild ride so far, but one of the things that just keeps coming up for me, over and over, is plastic.  Plastic in our oceans, plastic in landfill, plastic infiltrating basically every part of our lives! And frankly, it makes me feel sick.. figuratively, and literally.

So, as part of my journey, I've gone about bit by bit, replacing all of the plastic things we use, with safer, better options [not finished yet, we're still in progress!].. but, man! It's been hard! Some things that I thought would be simple to replace, have turned into years of hunting, to find an alternative.  It frustrates and saddens me, that even if you desperately want to use alternatives, sometimes they just simply are not accessible to you! I've had to get creative, and A LOT of research has been done so far.  So, I figure, why not share my efforts, so you don't have to go through the same.

Our goal is to make affordable plastic alternatives accessible, for all families and individuals in Australia.  I've realised along the way, that going completely plastic free, is very difficult! Especially with young kids. So our goal is to get us all there incrementally.. hence our mantra, "Use Less Plastic."

Use less this year, than you did last year.  Be conscious of it, and share your goals with others.  When you need to buy something, consider the amount of plastic on each option, and buy the one that has LESS plastic, even if it has some.  Bit by bit, we can do this!

I believe, that not a single piece more needs to be created, ever.  We already have enough plastic on the planet.  Let's keep recycling what we've already made [what's done is done!] and commit to finding alternatives for everything else.  We will get there.  Join us, in this hugely important goal! <3

My plastic epiphany turning point

I always thought growing up, that reducing plastic use was a good idea, but not one that I took that seriously in reality. However one day, while visiting the Grand Canyon, in my 20's, I overheard part of a tour guides speech about what we as a human race are leaving behind, buried into the earth's crust, long after the human race dies out [there's a story for a future blog post!], and something just clicked inside me - We MUST STOP, using plastic.

It was a turning point for me.  I now saw the world through different eyes.. and all I could see, was plastic, *plastic*, PLASTIC!! Infiltrating every aspect of our lives! Every single piece of it, to exist, forever more, on our planet. Think about every toothbrush you've ever owned.  Every piece of cling film you've ever used over your entire life [yeah - that's one GIANT ball of cling film!].  Every plastic bag [even the multi use ones!]; every product or toy package; school lunch box; every shampoo and conditioner bottle; the dash, bumpers and other plastic bits of every car you've owned; every piece of polyester clothing you've ever worn [or owned, and not worn!]... I could go on forever.  Have a look around your house, with your "plastic goggles" on.  [If you're a swimmer, even your actual goggles are made of the stuff!]

Think about how big your "lifetime plastic pile" is.  Imagine standing next to it.  How big is it, compared to you? Mine is towering WAY over my head, and quite wide! Now imagine every single person you have ever met, and imagine them all standing next to their "lifetime plastic piles".  Even babies, and toddlers these days, already have *enormous* plastic piles.  If it's that big before they even get a choice in the matter, how big will their pile be, at the end of their life, if we keep going this way?

We ALL have a lifetime plastic pile, like this.  Every. Person. On. The. Planet.  It's pretty overwhelming isn't it?

Literally tonnes and tonnes of the stuff being created, at an alarming rate.  Most of us going about our lives, giving little thought to the impact of this "cheap" material.  Cheap in monetary value, but OH so costly, to our planet, and to our future generations, who will be forced to deal with the mess we are leaving them.  

It. Has. To. STOP!

Current business model, and what we're working towards

Like I mentioned, my mission is to make plastic free alternatives accessible to everyone - especially young families.  

I want everyone who wishes, to be able to "Use Less Plastic."  So let's break it down into mini goals!

I have *loads* of personal goals, but here are some of my goals for this store:

  1. Find and test, practical and beautiful items.
  2. Launch website, initially with products being shipped directly from wholesalers.
  3. Work with wholesalers to decrease plastics used for packaging / shipping.  
  4. As we grow, start stocking our own items, to further reduce packaging, and shipment impacts.
  5. Work with producers to create "plastic alternative" products that currently don't exist in the market - I have so many ideas already!

I can't WAIT to see how big we can make this! :) 

Thanks so much for supporting us, the earth, and all its beings, on this mission.  Spread the word! Create your own goals, and talk about them, with your family and friends! Let's help shift everyone's perspective on plastics.

<3 to you.  I hope you have a great day!