Seven Chakra Wooden Rainbow Stacker, Interactive Art

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I love rainbows. Hellooo, my business name is Conscious Rainbow! Some of my earliest memories are of things I owned, that had rainbows on them. So I *totally* get why kids feel so drawn to them! 

I fell in love with those brand name wooden rainbow stackers, as soon as I knew they existed.. But, I love this one more! You know why?? Several reasons! Thanks for asking :) 

Firstly, because most of the other brands have 6 colours.. aaaand we all know rainbows have 7 colours, not 6! [If you didn't know that, then, now you do!] 

But wait, before you start singing the song, to count how many colours there are [*sings* 'red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue!!'.. yeah, you know the one], I am here to regretfully inform you, that your childhood lied to you [*dun*, *dun*, *duuunnn*] - Those colours in the song, are actually NOT the colours of the rainbow. 

According to the law of refraction, rainbows appear in seven colours because water droplets break white sunlight into the seven colors of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These same seven colours, also happen to match the colours of our seven main chakras (or energy centres) within our bodies.. AND guess what?! Those are the same seven colours that make up this gorgeous wooden rainbow stacker. 

So, it's a beautiful, plastic free, educational toy for children and babies; but also it's a charmingly rustic, balanced, bold, interactive artwork, for your home, office or shop front - each piece with its own unique woodgrain [imperfect perfection, just like you!]; AND it aligns perfectly with the vibration of your chakras! 

*Aaahh!*.. Be still, my beating heart!.. Don't you just LOVE synchronicities like that? I sure do!

Product details

Dimensions: 22cm wide x 11cm high x 5cm depth.

Materials: Quality solid hardwood.

Finish: Non toxic, transparent, semi matte, water based paint.

Uses: Modern art; Home or workspace decor; Free play building and colour learning; Colour based chakra alignment exercises.

Style: Simple, modern, charmingly rustic, smooth rounded edges. 

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